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Learn how our group can make you a successful trader and grow your profits.

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This VIP group is the first of it’s kind to offer a minimal drawdown signal group + a group of dedicated experts to help you. This means you will PROFIT each and EVERY MONTH, and improve yourself as a trader, from this group alone.

How can I promise that? I’ve specifically met many professional traders as I grew into this trading community, some with skills I don’t carry. Quickly I learned that when you combine many ideas into one, you get a much more stable equity growth curve.  If any trader falls short and loses money for multiple months in a row, they will be cut and replaced by a more accurate trader.

As an added note to everything you see below about our traders. Hunter will be monitoring everything that goes on and will be advising members when to add and remove risk on certain situations, such as if the FA doesn’t match well to a trade setup or if a trader is having a bad week, these are all variables that will be very clear for you to follow signals and adjust to make your growth even better!



Hunter is the creator of this signal group. His trading is largely revolving around price action, specifically looking for liquidity in the market and waiting for other traders to get ruined before he enters his trades. He’s newly created a new strategy in which he calls the PREDATOR method. His new method is expected to return 20R+ per month. 


Urban is our odd ball in the group, he focuses on massive time frames. Looking often at the monthly candles to find entries, he will hold trades for full weeks+ if needed. He is a trader that has the patience of a monk. He has the most stable monthly return out of all the traders locking in 10R monthly.

A short term trader that focuses strictly on EU and UCHF trading during mostly the NY open and rarely the London open. He makes quick trades with extremely accurate entries with very high R return on avg per trade. He has roughly a 50% win rate, but when he wins he wins BIG. Konang often is seen posting 10R+ monthly returns.


Seb is a swing trader who performs with accuracy. He often shoots for 2r a week, giving him a nice smooth growth curve. One of the highest hit rate traders I’ve seen and low commission cost due to few trade setups.


The goal of these traders are to give you news and interpret the meaning for you, this way you can judge for yourself how you want to trade particular pairs. They will be required to post a running bias for each major pair so it is easy for you to either positional trade or adjust your day trades according to the news (without actually following the news yourself).


These people are strictly here to help you with any questions you have about your trading or help you determine what your did right and wrong in specific trades. Feel free to ask them questions and request their POV on a pair or have them teach you something.

NOTE:  You must have Discord

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