HunterFX Video Course

1) Introduction

Intro & Expectations

Tools I Use

2) Pre-Knowledge

Risk Management

2a) PA Trends

Accumulation & Distribution

PA Based Trends

PA Trend Detailed

PA Trend Mistakes

More Examples

2b) Where Could Price Change Trend?

Where are the Resting Orders?

Where are the Resting Orders? PT.2

Supply & Demand Zones

Supply & Demand Zones PT.2

More Resting Limit Order Areas

How to Spot Liquidity

3) Strategies

Trend Trading Strategy

Supply & Demand Strategy

Sweep & Reclaim Strategy

Sweep & Reclaim Strategy PT.2


Sniper PT.2

Sniper PT.3

4) Bonus Extras


Daily Bias

Monday Retest


Trade Example 1

Trade Example 2

Trade Example 3

Trade Example 4

Trade Example 5

Continued Learning