Expected Results:

  • 5-10r weekly goal
  • 70% Winrate
  • 2-4r per Winner
  • Up to 10 trades per week
  • ONLY 5% Drawdown
Trade breakdowns and execution

7 hours a day of streaming

2 Hours Asia Open

2 Hours London Open

3 Hours NY Open

  We stream live every session all week long, Watch me trade and talk to you as you ask questions.

Gets you access to private discord group Dm if not added within 24hours to the group


Reason I am now offering Live trading is because my scalps are not possible to send to the signal group unless you watch live

-please dm me on discord after payment to be added




My personal account

I ran a 10 day trial of the live trading with a mirrored demo account of our trades… here are the results