Do you have any brokers you'd recommend?


Blueberry Markets is my most trusted broker and offers competitive pricing whilst delivering unparalleled customer service. Their reputation as one of Australia’s highest rated brokers stacks up to the claim, which is why they are my no. 1 broker of choice 

Note: NOT available to USA

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Hugosway is where I would trade my funds if i were in the USA, they have the lowest fees around to me and very tight spreads. $5 per lot traded when you trade the ECN account is what I prefer to use. Most other brokers are using $7+ per lot.

They are simple and effective. I’ve had no issues so far.

Note: ALL Countries Allowed

Do you have any crypto exchanges you'd recommend?

FTX is better for leverage trading, they also have some FX and stocks


Binance is the second option,, they have a wider range of spot pairs

How do I create an account?

You are prompted to create an account when you purchase any of the services from the website during checkout.  If you do not plan on purchasing any services, you do NOT have to create an account, and are welcome to browse the site freely.

Do I need Discord to join your services?

Yes.  HunterFX uses Discord to connect with their customers.  If you do not have Discord, you will not be able to properly sign-up for most of our services.

Where can I find your site's Terms and Conditions?

You will find them here: https://hunterfx.co/terms-and-conditions