Name: Chris Hunter

Trading Experience: 5+ Years

Origin: Canada

HunterFX is a full time Forex trader and crypto investor.
I work from home with my girlfriend and make YouTube videos as a hobby.
I have a background in IT(network security) but hell if I can help you fix your internet,
there’s a reason I got fired from all my jobs in the past 😉

Much of my YouTube earnings go right back into paying for our HunterFX community
to be as great as possible. This includes paying my moderators and creating fun
challenges and events for the members.

I do make most of my income from trading my own money as well as a partnered prop
firm I trade with. So unlike most Forex YouTubers who are trying to take your money,
I actually know how to trade. 😀

However, If you are interested in learning extra content aside from what is free in my
videos and streams, I do offer expensive services as it’s a huge time commitment to
mentor someone.

In the future, there may or may not be more paid services, this completely depends
on you guys and what you want from me. I am trying to create the most WOKE and
ALPHA Forex Discord in the world, I am not looking to bank off you.

The most woke and handsome alpha trader in the world, also… did I mention humble?